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Infrastructure development and planning
As we know, most of the HK SME have already have their own infrastructures which were developed years ago. However, these infrastructures were made when their scale were still small. Later on, owing to the business growth, the SMB required to enhance their infrastructures. We can provide them the service to plan and develop new or enhanced solutions on infrastructure to cope with customers' business expansion requirements.
System and Application Performance Review
Nowadays, we have complicated hardware, operating systems and applications. So in-house IT support teams are required to monitor the overall environment with extra care. As a result, powerful and sophisticated tools may be essential for the IT technician. However, SME may not worth to purchase such expensive tools just for ad hoc use. In view of this, our company has equipped with such sophisticated tools, together with our experienced technical expert, which can provide service to our customers to have measurement on their systems, networks and applications performance so as to carry out trouble-shooting and capacity planning.
IT consulting
Our expertise is in solution and management for networks, systems, application and storage. We act as IT consultant and can serve both end-users and our IT partners.
System Implementation Service and Project Management
For a project of system deployment, an experienced project management team can shorten the deployment life cycle and also minimize the occurrence of problem. We would act as customer internal support team and organize with solution vendors to
Training is essential for user that can eliminate common or continuous problems and mistakes, for instance, and users do not understand their system well or they misused it will cause continuous problems and difficulty in management. We arrange training for individual group and organization, surely 100% tailor-made and easy for users to
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